Health and safety

Commitment to HSE

EET Fuels is committed to achieving excellence in Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) and community engagement. Excellence through providing and maintaining safe and healthy working conditions and following the best operating practices to protect the environment.

Our goal is to have no harm to people, to maintain a sustainable environment and to institutionalise a culture of safety in the organisation.

We will make continuing efforts to:

  • Demonstrate visible commitment towards health, process safety, personal safety and environment across all levels of management.
  • Comply with, and where feasible, exceed the applicable legal requirements.
  • Continuously recognise hazards and assess health, safety and environmental risks in our operations through audits, risk assessments and review of standard operating procedures and take steps to mitigate risks.
  • Minimise pollution, reduce our environmental footprint and optimise natural resource consumption.
  • Promote a positive safety culture amongst all employees and other stakeholders.
  • Foster continual improvement, benchmark our HSE performance, adopt best practices in HSE and ensure learning from incidents is embedded into our management system.
  • Include health, process safety, personal safety and environmental performance in the appraisal of employees and reward accordingly.
  • Extend HSE good practices in all spheres of our operations including outside of plants during travel, in office, during sales and marketing related activities and off the job.
  • Increase health, process safety, personal safety, environmental awareness and competence through training to ensure all staff have an understanding of how these can affect their role and the business.
  • Monitor performance of health, process safety, personal safety and environment via KPIs and review this information to improve performance.
  • Respect and engage effectively with neighbours in the local community.
  • Engage with business partners and suppliers to manage HSE in line with this policy.

HSE is everyone’s responsibility and central to every business planning and decision making process.

Endorsement and implementation at Stanlow Manufacturing Complex

The implementation of the Essar Group HSE policy is the collective responsibility of every EET Fuels and business partner employee at the Stanlow Manufacturing Complex. Our commitment to adhere to site rules, standards, processes and procedures prevents both personal and process safety incidents and injuries.

This requirement is supported by the arrangements documented in Stanlow’s HSE management system and the Trade HSE standards ETS700. Arrangements for applying this policy to major accident hazards are documented in the Process Safety Policy.

We measure our performance and set targets for improvement.

We include HSE competency in the appraisal of all staff.

Goal Zero

Goal Zero captures the belief we can operate without injuries or significant incidents despite the often difficult conditions in which we operate. To support this aim we continue to roll out initiatives such as improving the safety leadership skills of staff, simplifying our requirements, and rewarding successful performance.

Life-Saving Rules

Our mandatory 12 Life-Saving Rules reinforce what employees and contractors must know and do to prevent serious injury or significant incident: for example, wear seat belts and do not speed or use mobile phones – even hands-free – while driving.

Golden rules

These three simple rules make it clear how EET Fuels employees and contractors are expected to behave.

  • Comply with the law, standards and procedures
  • Intervene in unsafe or non-compliant situations
  • Respect our neighbours

The rules emphasise individual responsibility while encouraging staff to intervene to help their colleagues and respect neighbours.

Safety continues to be among critical sustainability priorities at Essar Oil UK. We make continuing efforts to recognise hazards, assess health and safety risks in our operations and take steps to mitigate those risks.

EET Fuel's business revolves around constructing and operating very large assets carrying oil and refined products, These are potentially hazardous by nature and it is therefore critical that all possible steps are taken to protect employees and others in the vicinity of these assets.

The key objective is to build a cultural focus on preventative health and safety from the top down - to stop accidents before they can occur.

Safety is paramount

The health and safety of Stanlow’s employees and contractors are of the utmost importance. A dynamic safety improvement plan and ongoing campaigns to increase safety awareness, based on the premise that all accidents are preventable and can be eliminated, has led to continuous improvement and a series of industry awards.

In recent years Stanlow has consistently achieved lost time Injury records – the number of man-hours lost through injury – well below the UK industry average.

In 2012, Stanlow achieved 10 million man-hours without a ‘lost time’ injury and 1 million hours without a recordable injury.

Essar maintains gold level performance at RoSPA Health and Safety Awards 2022

Essar Oil UK achieved the highest accolade for the fourth year in a row at the 2022 RoSPA Health and Safety Awards for our health and safety performance at our Stanlow refinery in Ellesmere Port.

The annual awards, organised by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, are the longest-running industry awards scheme of any type in the UK and assess companies on their health and safety standards, benchmarked against year-on-year performance and best-in-class criteria globally. The awards are held every year and recognise hundreds of companies across the UK operating in high hazard industries.

Essar is committed to delivering the highest level in health and safety excellence, by building a culture of safety across its operations and continually enhancing its behaviours and processes.

Our Stanlow refinery is one of the UK’s largest and leading oil refineries, supplying 16% of all road transport fuels and aviation fuel to several major airports including Manchester and Liverpool. It employs over 700 staff an additional 800 on-site contractors.

Jon Barden, Chief Operating Officer at Essar Oil UK, said: “Our business requires us to appropriately manage the risks and meet the expectations of all stakeholders.  To deliver this all of us need to have continuous commitment to keeping ourselves and our colleagues safe. We are pleased to maintain this standard for another year running at Stanlow.  This is a collective achievement for the Stanlow team and I thank every individual for their contributions to this outcome.  As a business, we operate in an inherently high-risk environment, and that’s why health and safety is a continuous focus for everyone at Essar.”