An EET Fuels apprenticeship offers a great gateway to your career for those seeking an operational, technical or corporate path.  From Level 3 to Level 7 degree apprenticeships, we’ve got a range of opportunities tailored to your career goals.

Our supported learning environments offer the very best training and continuous development opportunities, with industry leading experts on hand to share their extensive expertise and know-how while mentoring you to achieve your aspirations. 


As we invest in the UK’s energy transition, we continue to invest in the skills and talents that will help us deliver our ambition to be the UK’s first low carbon refinery and play a leading role in the North West’s transition to a low carbon economy.

Our apprenticeships offer a unique opportunity to develop your career locally and be a crucial part of the energy transition in both corporate and operational roles.  Our sponsored programmes give you valuable hands-on experience and step-by-step support and guidance to ensure you’re fully prepared and play your part as we transform for tomorrow. 

Here’s an example of how our technical/engineering apprenticeship can be structured:

  • Year 1 - broad-based training
  • Year 2 - broad-based training
  • Year 3 - based at Stanlow for the remaining 18 months developing your chosen speciality

Your development and qualifications

Upon completion of your apprenticeship you will achieve:

  • Level 3 BTEC National Certificate in Operations or Maintenance Engineering
  • NVQ Level 3 Competency Qualification
  • Optional Level 4 HNC Certification 

Our corporate apprenticeships are departmentally focused - you will be involved within your area of professional development from day one and will complete the apprenticeship through a mix of on-the-job learning, day releases and virtual learning sessions. 

Our apprenticeships are bespoke to meet national standards and our business needs. For example, our legal apprenticeship programme differs from our procurement apprenticeship because they are exclusively designed and driven by the different requirements of the roles.  

Join our Talent Community here to be notified of future enrolments and if you want to learn more about the fantastic insights we offer in to the world of work and how we’re delivering change on your doorstep email us at: apprenticeships@essaroil.co.uk

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