International Supply & Trading (IST)

International supply and trading (IST) is the commercial face for Essar Oil UK when it comes to sourcing feedstock and distributing products in the international market. It boosts Essar’s value through several functions, such as supply of feedstocks, trading logistics and risk management.

To maintain a diverse diet, crude oil is sourced from different regions such as The North Sea, West Africa, North America and The Mediterranean. Logistics operations ensure vessels load the crude and transport it in a timely and economic manner to Tranmere from where it is discharged and dispatched to Stanlow refinery for processing. Refinery products are sold to both domestic and international customers. Apart from importing crude oil for processing, IST also deals in finished products such as diesel to serve additional demand in the country.

The risk management team ensures that price exposure to a volatile oil and product price is controlled.

Operations, credit and financing teams manage the trading execution, liaising with external counterparties, authorities and internally with refinery, treasury and other support functions.