EET Fuels is committed to keeping Britain moving through large scale supply of road fuels, aviation fuels and other petroleum products.  Its supply portfolio comprises EET Fuels' largest customers, including international oil companies, independents and major petrochemical corporations. These customers depend on us to reliably supply very large volumes of the high quality product that their customers demand. They also value the multiple delivery options of road, pipe and ship that Stanlow can offer.

Extensive product set

EET Fuels' Stanlow refinery supplies approximately 16% of the UK’s road transport fuels. It is the main supplier of jet fuel to Manchester airport via the Manchester Jet Line (MJL), and also a significant supplier of jet fuel into other major UK airports. In addition, Stanlow supplies key petrochemical feedstocks including propylene, propane, ethylbenzene and toluene.

Multiple distribution modes

Stanlow’s multiple distribution modes give it a national and international supply reach. With 16 gantries, Stanlow’s road distribution terminal is one of the UK’s biggest. Stanlow is connected to the UK Oil Products (UKOP) North pipeline for efficient supply into the Midlands and the South, and connected via the Manchester Jet Line (MJL) to Manchester airport.  With owned terminals in Kingsbury and Northampton regions, Essar is able to efficiently supply all major product grades into the Midlands and South West supply envelopes.

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