A fresh approach

As Essar globally is transforming for tomorrow, our Retail business in the UK is transforming with a fresh, new purpose: ‘Driving Community Convenience’ - focused on serving the convenience needs of the local communities where our sites are a hub.

With a growing forecourt network and increasing brand presence across the country, we believe we can deliver ‘Driving Community Convenience’ by making it easy for customers, simple for staff and providing value for retailers.


For over 60 years we have used our blending skills, expertise and know-how to safely produce high quality, additised fuels for all driving needs.

Today, we’re transforming our business to deliver the UK’s first low carbon process refinery so our dealers have direct access to premium products at excellent prices, manufactured in a lower carbon way.

Driving Community Convenience

To join our retail network, or become a Commission Operator, contact our Retail Team on 0151 350 4003 or use our contact form.