Cross-country pipelines

Some of Stanlow’s products are distributed via direct pipelines to Manchester Airport and also via the UK Oil Pipeline (UKOP) network to the Midlands and London.

Essar Oil UK has a dedicated pipeline team that manage the operation and maintenance of several nationally critical under-ground pipelines. These include:

  • Essar’s crude oil pipeline from Tranmere to Stanlow
  • Essar’s propylene pipeline from Stanlow to Carrington

Ensuring the integrity and safety of these pipelines is the team’s number one priority and this is achieved through surveillance (from land and air), in-built monitoring systems and routine inspection. Essar Oil UK also work closely with local authorities, land-owners, the emergency services and other third parties.

Essar Oil UK are actively involved with UKOPA – United Kingdom On-shore Pipelines Operators Association – with several team members participating in a variety of working groups where best practice is shared and developed.

Opened in 1969, the UKOP system stretches from the Mersey down to the Thames Estuary linking to London Heathrow Airport and London Gatwick Airport.