Located on the Manchester Ship Canal, the Stanlow waterfront is located approximately 4.2 miles from the entrance to the canal at the Eastham Lock Complex. The facility consists of six berths used by the refinery for both the import and export of oil products and chemicals, plus one waiting berth which is not operational.

A total of 600 ships each year are handled at these facilities

Four of these berths are owned and operated by Essar Oil UK and one of the berths is owned by Shell and operated by Essar Oil UK. The other berth is a common user facility owned by the Manchester Ship Canal and used by three  companies, Essar Oil UK, ESL Fuels and EOS (Electrical Oil Services).

The berths are located on Stanlow Island, on the North side of the Manchester Ship Canal and are accessed by a 24 hour ferry service.

A total of 600 ships each year are handled at these facilities.

Average ship size

All product tankers are double hull construction type ranging in size from 1,000 Dwt.  to 17,000 Dwt.


Typical types of ship

Chemical carriers, product tankers, LPG Gas tankers and bunker barges


Products handled

Gasoline, Naphtha, Diesel, Gasoil, Kerosine, Jet A1, Propane/Butane, Neodol, Luboil, Lubad, Fuel Residues, Bitumen, Fuel Oil, Wax, Chemicals, Baseoils.



All vessels are programmed to enter or leave the Manchester Canal at Eastham Locks on or about the High Water period and this programme is determined by the Canal Authorities on request from canal users.


The Essar Oil UK Marine Team are responsible for all marine activities, which include:

  • All shipping operations at company waterfronts
  • All ship vetting for the business
  • Links with the ports and associated service providers including pilots, tug operators, mooring crews, ship agents and surveyors
  • Training of waterfront contractors in ship shore safety and oil spill response

Marine facilities associated with the Stanlow Manufacturing Complex comprise three distinct facilities. These are: