EET Fuels is investing to make our refinery at Stanlow, the UK’s first low carbon process refinery.

Sited on a 770 hectare industrialised area of Ellesmere Port, Cheshire, Stanlow benefits from its close proximity to major north-west metropolises, a robust configuration and reliable, well maintained assets.

The refinery plays a strategic role in the UK economy, supplying 16% of all road transport fuels. It is also a major regional employer with over 900 staff, an additional 800 on site contractors and a further 5,000 people employed indirectly through the extended value chain.

The UK’s first low carbon hydrogen facility will be built at Stanlow and will sit at the heart of the HyNet low carbon cluster, to produce a total of 1GW per year of hydrogen, across two units, from 2026.  This is equivalent to the domestic heating energy used by a major British city region, such as Liverpool.

Stanlow contributes an estimated £60 million each year to the local economy and will house the UK's first low carbon hydrogen facility.

Oil supply

Crude oil is supplied to the refinery via a 15 mile pipeline from the company’s Tranmere facility further downstream in the Mersey Estuary. The Tranmere Oil Terminal, with its two dedicated jetties, can handle Very Large Crude Carrier (VLCC) tankers loaded with up to 170,000 tonnes of crude. It also enables the import of large parcels of diesel.

Single train operation

Stanlow’s reconfigured and optimised single train operation delivers significant upgrading capability and produces an above average proportion of middle distillates, principally diesel and jet fuel, helping to address the significant and growing deficit in the UK and Europe.

Stanlow also plays an important part in Britain’s petrochemical industry, providing feedstocks such as toluene, propylene and ethylbenzene. In addition, EET Fuels operates an integrated terminal and marine facility at Stanlow and Tranmere on behalf Stanlow Terminals.


Stanlow has a highly efficient distribution capability for refined end products:

  • The Stanlow Terminals Road Terminal which has significant spare capacity which provides supply resilience for the region
  • A direct connection via the UK Oil Pipeline through to Kingsbury, Northampton and beyond towards London
  • A pipeline connection to the UK’s busiest regional airport at Manchester
  • Six berths on the Manchester Ship Canal handling export parcels of up to 10,000 tonnes

EET Fuels remains the lowest cost supplier into the North West and is highly competitive in supplying adjacent markets.

The Stanlow Manufacturing Complex

Stanlow produces:

  • 4.4 billion litres of diesel every year - enough to drive a car doing 40 mpg 4,000 times around the equator every day
  • 3 billion litres of petrol a year – enough to drive a car 20 million times around the world
  • 2 billion litres of jet fuel a year – enough to fuel 17,000 jumbo jets flying from Manchester to Los Angeles

Stanlow facts


  • Stanlow is one of the largest refineries in Europe covering an area the equivalent of 300 football pitches
  • The refinery processes up to 9 million tonnes of crude every year - that’s more than 20,000 litres per minute
  • Distribution of products from Stanlow is mainly via road and pipeline. The remainder of our products leave via the Manchester Ship canal
  • The energy recovery plant processes both liquid and solid waste and is capable of generating 350 tonnes of steam every day for refinery use


The chemicals manufacturing plants uses technologically-advanced process units to produce propylene and turn ethylene, benzene, hydrocarbons and other feedstocks into a wide range of polymer and other products.

  • Products manufactured by chemicals produced at Stanlow are used in the manufacture of foams for furniture and bedding, artificial sports tracks, ski suits and waterproof leisure wear