Road terminal

Distribution of products from Stanlow is mainly via road and pipeline. The remainder of our products leave via the Manchester Ship canal.

Road deliveries are made from Stanlow’s distribution terminal, one of the busiest in Europe. A fleet of road tankers delivers to the whole of the North-West – typically as far as Anglesey, Derby, York and Carlisle, but some products are delivered even further afield.

  • The terminal is operational 24 hrs per day, 364 days a year and only closes on Christmas Day
  • Average loading time is approximately 17 minutes

One of the country's most modern facilities, Stanlow road terminal has a sophisticated terminal automated loading system (TAS). This ensures a safe, fast and efficient loading operation, designed to ensure gate to gate times are kept to a minimum and saving time and money by keeping vehicles out on the road.

A safe, fast and efficient terminal automated loading system (TAS).

All products are stored and pumped from the refinery to the loading gantry. There are 17 loading gantries with 77 meters all calibrated to H.M. Customs and Excise and Essar standards twice a year. The terminal has significant spare capacity which provides supply resilience for the region.

In excess of 800 drivers undertake an annual induction to load and operate from the terminal’s facilities.