NHS fuel discount

Our NHS discount: how it works, and how to claim it

We’re offering NHS workers 10p per litre discount off their fuel. Here’s how it works.

What’s covered

All NHS workers can get 10p per litre discount off their fuel for their private cars.

The NHS Fuel Discount is only available at participating sites. Participating sites will display posters showing that the reward is available at that filling station.

How to get the discount

To participate in the reward, you must be an eligible customer and you must:

  • attend a participating site;
  • fill, or top up, the vehicle’s fuel tank at the fuel pump;
  • pay at the kiosk
  • inform the attendant at a participating site before paying for fuel that you work for the NHS and are eligible for the NHS Fuel Discount;
  • complete a paper voucher provided at the till
  • present a current and genuine photographic NHS identity card in your own name to the attendant
  • The NHS Fuel Discount will be applied to the fuel price

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