Essar strengthens ASDA relationship with New Deal

We're pleased to announce a new agreement with ASDA for the supply of petrol and diesel in the Midlands.

ASDA has an existing contract to lift road transport fuels direct from the Road Terminal at Stanlow. The new agreement, however, is the first time that the retail giant will source products from Essar’s Kingsbury Terminal, close to Birmingham.

Image of Mark Amour quote for ASDA deal

Mark Amor, Head of Marketing and Logistics at Essar commented:  “We are delighted to strengthen further our relationship with a company as large as ASDA.  Over the past few years, we have worked closely with them to service their customer needs by supplying high quality products from our Stanlow Refinery.  We have now signed an agreement to provide part of their retail mix from our facilities at Kingsbury to support their business in the region.

He added:  “The strategic 2019 acquisition of Midlands’ based distribution assets from multi-national BP, which included the Kingsbury and Northampton Terminals, expanded our network reach.  This has enabled us to bring enhanced offers to new customers and  to capture additional opportunities. This new deal with ASDA is a great example of the customer collaboration that will underpin our commercial and marketing growth in the UK.”